Extreme gigantomastia in pregnancy:
Case report - my experience with two cases in last 5 years

Case 1

We present an unusual case of Gigantomastia in a 24 year old, gravida 2, 28 weeks` of gestation, with a breast weight of 33 kg, complicated by infection, ulcerations and subsequent hemorrhage. Extreme gigantomastia in pregnancy is a rare condition and simple mastectomy is a treatment of choice to prevent potentialy fatal complications... see more

Case 2

We present an extreme case of Gigantomastia in pregnancy in a 30 year old woman, in her second gemelar pregnancy. Her first pregnancy 8 years ago was also gemelar and finished with cesarean section. From the beginning of her current pregnancy, the patient noted growing of her both breasts that reached enormous dimensions till the end of pregnancy. This kind of breast changes wasn’t noted during her first pregnancy. She has myasthenia gravis, in remission during this pregnancy, without any therapy... see more
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